You were reclining on the couch at your Malibu beach house, gazing out through the open sliding glass doors at the crashing ocean waves.
She first entered your line of site as she strolled past you on the beach, carrying her flip-flops in hand.
She was a sun-kissed brunette wearing a plain white cotton t-shirt, a pair of teeny tiny tight shorts and a gorgeous smile on her face.
You noticed her eyes first, then her lips, and then the rest of her. Pictures started to flash through your head... a slideshow of your desires.
She slowly lifted her shirt over her head. The beauty of the pristine, sun-sparkled ocean directly behind her was no competition for your attention. Then this topless goddess of a woman slipped one hand down and grabbed the drawstring cord on her shorts and gave it a firm tug.
As her shorts slid down her long, tan legs, you thought to yourself, "Life is nice in Paradise!"

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